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[Editors Note: This is for the 19th, but it's up now to be part of PhotoFriday's childhood images. These pictures I took certianly are of my childhood. ]

This is the first of many parts in an ongoing look into the deep, dark, depths of:

My Basement: Part 1
a view of hell
I was thinking, the other day, where do most reminants of my childhood lie? And then it hit me. The horrible pit like basement. I do not have a nicely renovated basement, oh no. It is a pit. A horrible horrible monsterous pit. I decided that it needed to be cleaned, and the toys needed to be moved from their resting spot (lying randomly in shoe boxes and cluttered shelves) and organized. Thus this project began. I have been taking pictures of many of the toys as I put them away, and as such they will be showcased here, for YOU! We begin our trip through my basement with what all gleefully remember: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Dig Dug would be proud
Here we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Moduel. Names that that really kicked in the eighties. The word modeul had a nice kick to it. Seemed futuristic, and the alliteration... well could you ask for anything more? Now as you can see many a piece is missing on this, and that's because I played with my toys. I'm not gonna pretend like I didn't, and that I kept them all in perfect condition. That would be a lie. But the battle damage on this isn't so bad. No compared to what's next.

didn't this have a rocket launched?
The Footcruiser. Not as cool as the cars those teenagers, Zak, Dask, and mmmm... Kala, drove through dimension x on, but close enough. This thing could hover convert (fliping the wheels under) a la Back to the Future. That's how you know cars are cool. When their wheels flip under. I lost the "eye launcher" although I'm sure it's somewhere in the depths of my basement. This was one of the better toys. It was no footski though. But it was a car, and it wasn't made for barbies, thus it was cool. Though I think Barbie would feel quite at home in this purple vehicle. Get some Raphael lovin' or something to that effect.

long live the classics
This is the Cheapskate circa 1991. It was a classic toy to be loved, no doubt. As all ninja turtle things were. It's one of the few things that wern't lost in the theivery of grade 2 (where 15 of my action figures were stolen. No I haven't gotten over it. Yes it was a decade and a half ago. I'll kill them all!) At anyrate, this had a foot that would be spring launched forward knocking things down infront of it. Ohh spring launching, how you were the height of technology in our small little worlds. Where would GI Joe's be without the spring launch? Probably not doing much but standing there with little plastic guns. No the giant two people tall action fire missle launchers would be nowhere withouth springs. God bless them, everyone.

I'll redeisgn you!
Now I can't tell you what this is. I really don't remember, and I can't find it anywhere. It looks like an updated version of the thing above though, and that's good enough for me. It'll be known as "when people think they need to modernize old toys". Like He-Man. There was no need for that. These new He-Man toys, no they're no good. Although one of the skeletor's looks pretty kickin' but that's besides the point right now. It is. Trust me on this one. Why must they bring back old toys? Now when they bring them back in re-issues, that's fine with me. The old GI-Joe toys coming back, that's killer! And the oldschool optimus prime reissue, only 70 bucks (only...) I wish I had of bought it, but alas I did not.

Why so crappy?
As I mentioned most of my figures were stolen from me. This monsterous mutagen man is all I have left (and a brde of frankenstein april). I think, actually, I have a rat king and a raph somewhere too, but those squishy turtle heads are no where to be found (why were they made so easy to rip off?). It could be worse I guess. I could be left with Sergant Banana's, or Wingnut, or that foolish Ace Duck. Actually I don't know, Wingnut really shon in the archies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. He coulda been pretty cool.

Well that's all for the ninja turtles. Now we must move on to: Star Com.

Oh mommy!
This is the fearsome Shadowbat! What a name? Obviously the design comes straight from Desert Storm and the F117 but that's what makes it so cool. Not only does this beast machine look stellar, it also breaks into parts. Starcom was known for its transforming things, and ability to attach and detatch things. Also the teeny tiny little men had magnets on their feet. Magnets and springs. The true height of technology. And they could stick to things (like the roof of your locker. You could have upside down battles in you locker, and then you'd forget them, and they'd disapear. Well... ohhh... nuts.

All for one low low price!
The shadow bat had two Shadow parasites that would attach to it. They were, basically, the fighters. The Shadow Parasites had "Motorized POWER DEPLOY THRUSTERS, PARALASER (note the pun) cannons AND WING TIPS" (capitalization from box). It also had "spring action COCKPIT CANOPY" (back to the springs) and MAGNA LOCK LIFTER. And as I mentioned it would lock on to the wings of the shadowbat. Stellar!

Wow! Teeny tiny!
We have here the M-6 Railgunner. It could fit inside the shadowbat, but that would just be silly. This is a goodguy vehicle. Silly silly silly. But it's the only small one I had. So inside it goes. The shadow bandit and shadow raider were also two delightful starcom toys I have, but no where as cool as the shadow bat with parasites, and little inside truck thing. Plus pieces of them are missing (like a wing). Not just a wing but a "MOTORIZED POWER DEPLOY WING". A tragic loss.

Starwhat now?
Knocks offs were all over the place back in the day as they are now. This isn't a new trend with the "ultra rangers" or something of that ilk. Oh no, they were around back in the day. But back then they were also pretty cool. I have no idea what this tank is called, nor where it's from, but I do know that it was not a "name brand" toy, else I would remember the cartoon that it was from (at least I think it would). But it wasn't just some loser knock off either. No sir it was not because what it had hidden on it (near the missing cannon) was a "BUTTON!"

Buttons! Now where's mindy?
Yes buttons were great. They'd send those springs and magnets into double time causing, with loud churning noises, great things to happen and change RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! Wow! What a bloody deal, eh? I thought you'd like it. I wasn't quite sure but I thought, with all my heart, that you would. Now what happens when this button is pressed, you may ask? Well just scroll down to the next picture and you will see. This ordinary superpowered tank transforms, through the magic of springs, into: SUPER POWERED BATTLE STATION!

Why so crappy?
Isn't it beautiful? I thought so too. I'm sure there were little guys for it too, but little things and eight year olds don't really mix so well, what with the choking and the dying and all that? Yeah. Not so fun for anyone. Well there you go. This completes another week of Retrofun. I hope you've enjoyed the first of many parts in the "exploring my basement" saga. Just like the 3 part Fear Street Saga... except this could be more parts. I'm not really sure. You understand, of course. Ohh and I have some extra pictures kicking around so here they are now:

Bonus Pictures

Basement Links
Nemesis World: Starcom
Everything starcom. Pictures of all the toys, box art, fan stuff. It's wonderful.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Seems like more of a fan site than official, but it is offical which means even more stuff. It's got the comics (cause 80's loves their comics. TMNT was based on a comic by the by) and all the toys, and everything. It's great.

So remember kids, until next time, keep things "peachy-keen".  

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